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Scientific measurement can be applied anywhere. Yet there are vast areas of human experience that remain unexamined and unmeasured. I am addressing this by turning a scientific eye on my everyday experience - wide and narrow - and reporting back. My reports are listed below. Prospective, future research ideas are below again.



A report on the nature and causes of this strange malady, with a suggestion

as to its resolution

The disappearance of comedy

An experiment examining the disappearance of comedy as experienced for 

the majority of the 20th century.

Sledgehammer head trauma

Observations and insight into the strange phenomenon of post-concussion

Possible future research topics

Governmental use of behavioural psychology - bound to fail?

The UK Scientific Advisory Group (SAGE) recommended a host of psychological tricks to ensure compliance with lockdown restrictions. Is it possible that the behavioural psychologists employed by SAGE are not as clever as they think they are? Are we now about to reap some strange harvest from what they have sown?


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