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Sledgehammer head trauma - some insights into the nature of, and how to cope with, the headaches that follow


"You just aim at the ground and miss"


This is a line from Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide. As always the transcendental genius of Adams was to hit on profound fundamental truths of human existence and just lightly toss them into a throwaway joke. He does it so often and so casually it's arguable that he is the greatest mind ever to have stalked the surface of the earth.


Here, the subject is people flying (actually flying). Later, Adams describes the method in more detail: the key is to not acknowledge the fact that you're flying because as soon as you do, you'll plummet. Instead pay no attention to the fact and you'll find yourself soaring and swooping with confidence.


In other words: don't linger.




I've found that the migraine type headaches and co-ordination issues that have followed the sledgehammer impertinence are strangely related to cognitive lingering.

Lingering is made much more attractive these days by internet forums where people discuss their health problems with each other, so it's increasingly hard to avoid. It should be emphasised that online forums discussing health problems are populated by people who struggle to overcome their problems. There are vastly more people who had an easier time getting better and who therefore didn't go on the internet to talk about it. i.e. many, many more people who paid less attention to googling their problems, went to the doctor, and got better quicker. Internet health forums are where you go if you want to remain sick.




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